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“Impressive. A varied and richly textured collection. Ms. Molaskey paints with a wide palate, ranging from bohemia to bop and Brazil and of course a collection of intimate folk.”

Jazz Weekly


“A labor of love of profound thoughtfulness and craftsmanship. Mitchell’s songs — richly diverse tales of love, loss, redemption, joy and freedom, their wordplay as masterful as that of Cole Porter or Tom Waits — demand a vocalist who’s also a gifted actor, as Molaskey is. And though she remains steadfastly true to the source material, she makes each uniquely her own.”

Jazz Times


 “One of the best jazz vocal albums of the year. Delivers all of Joni's black-coffee, morning-after vocal flavor supported by smart jazz arrangements. Molaskey's new album has Joni's strength and vulnerability along with her gentle soul, which is why I love it.”

Jazz Wax


 “A brilliant tribute. Showcases Molaskey as a gifted interpreter with an impressive vocal range. This album definitely rewards repeated spins.” Downbeat


 “New and exciting. Throughout Portrait of Joni, she perfectly captures the spirit of the source material.”

The Wall Street Journal


 “Listening to her redrawn portraits is like suddenly tuning into a previously undiscovered music stratosphere”

The Huffington Post


 “A first-rate jazz record of Joni Mitchell's best.”

The Buffalo News


 “Portraits of Joni might be the best album yet by one of our finest singers. Molaskey allows us to hear these songs in a new way. The words come alive again.”

Connecticut Post


 “Molaskey captures everything you ever loved about Mitchell. Such love and precision, you almost feel like this is a throw back to the golden age of singer/songwriter t teams like Bacharach/Warwick, Hatch/Clark, Lieber-Stoller/Elvis etc. This set does as much for Molaskey as it does Mitchell. Killer stuff throughout.

Midwest Record

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